Investor Portfolios – Leasing & Management

If you’re an investor with a portfolio and you’re tired of being a landlord or the property management company you hired is in your pocket nickel and diming you with fees every month, we need to talk! Leasing an apartment or house can be a challenging thing to do for an investor/landlord, especially if your investments span several cities or states. Advertising, processing applications, interviewing potential clients, even managing your property management can take a lot of your valuable time. We do all that for you!

One of our goals is to provide properties that people want to live in for the long-term. To provide properties that a tenant can purchase now or lease for a few years until they can get their finances in order to purchase in the future. They want good homes that are in good areas that are commutable with easy access to services and good schools. They also want homes that they can do whatever they want to improve them and make it their own. These are the kinds of properties we lease and we provide attractive incentives for the tenants to purchase the home when they are able. We also give reasonable time periods to allow for tenants to purchase so they don’t have to feel rushed to do it. The purchase price is preestablished and everything about the transaction is transparent so tenants in our properties know exactly what to expect.

You basically need 3-things to purchase a home:

  1. A Decent Credit Profile
  2. Job or Career Tenure (12-24 months)
  3. Some Cash to Close

Most working-class people have one or two of the three. Time is needed to correct any issues and we provide that time. Our leased properties come with an Option to purchase them at some time in the future, typically up to 10-years. Tenants are responsible for maintenance and any improvements they want to make and we provide tenants the ability to do whatever they want to the home to tailor it to their preferences. Some properties may need some updating but all come with solid bones e.g. heating, plumbing, electrical, foundation are all good. We help tenants figure out the costs of ownership and what it takes to make certain changes. By leasing from us, knowing the numbers up front, and having the flexibility to do what they want is the best way to get quality tenants into that home they can call their own.


When it comes time to qualify for the house a tenant is leasing from us, we already know it would be approved and what is required to close. Tenants want help in being able to complete the purchase process and we work with them every step of the way.

Some preliminary qualifications for our properties for tenants is they haven’t been evicted in the last 5-years, have no civil judgments, aren’t currently under indictment or have been convicted of any felonies, and we can verify that they’ve been a good tenant for their current or previous landlord. We don’t care about credit scores so long as they don’t have any serious delinquencies for which they might be pursued such as judgments, tax liens, etc. We treat everyone the same and want to make it work. It’s a tough vetting process but we do our best to ensure that our investors have the best tenants available in their properties.

Why Rent from Us

Just as we partner with our investors, we also partner with our tenants. We go through a lot to get the right tenants for our properties and its for that reason. Many landlords out there are equivalent to what is commonly known as ‘slumlords’ because of the way they treat their houses and tenants. We made a conscious decision to not allow that to be any part of our public perception. Honestly, it’s easy to become a slumlord if all you care about is making the money and don’t care about the conditions your tenants live in. What makes us different is that we actually show that we care by doing what we promise. “Is the property in a location and in a condition that we would live there? If the answer is no, then we don’t invest in it. If the answer is yes, then we not only invest in it but bring up the quality a few notches for good measure.

Renting from us means tenants don’t have to worry about getting something fixed when it’s needed, they fix it because its their house. It means they don’t have to worry about telling us about any improvements they want to make, they make them. By giving our leasing clients the full experience of ownership, we are helping them to prepare for the future. When they eventually purchase the home, they will already have most of everything done that would make it perfect for their family. We, of course, maintain a level of oversight during the leasing period to ensure our investors property is properly managed by the tenant but we otherwise allow our tenant families to live their lives in peace and in control of their property interests.

Our leases are easy to understand and are balanced towards a mutually beneficial relationship. Tenants will find that we are very accommodating towards pets and even report on-time rent payments to the credit bureau’s to help boost their scores. There are many more benefits to the relationship and if you or someone you know is looking for this kind of opportunity then don’t hesitate to contact us.