Genesis Opportunity Corporation is a Private Equities company specializing in Real Estate Investment and Portfolio Management.

Investors, Business Operators or Homeowners

We work with investors both new and experienced to develop and build managed portfolios. Our real estate investment services are direct purchases of quality properties and businesses that deliver an immediate return on the investment, under market value, and with great upside potential. We specialize in property investments in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Arizona, Nevada, and the Carolinas but can support investments in all 50-states.

We do all the real work necessary to ensure our Capital Investors are achieving their financial goals. In summary we offer:

  • A Safe & Secure Investment Strategy
  • Confidently Predictable Rates of Returns
  • Fully Transparent Processes
  • Fully Managed Portfolios
  • Monthly Statements / Quarterly Distributions
  • The Ability to Beat Wall St. All Day, Every Day!

A Relationship You Can Trust!

Building your portfolio with quality investments is no small challenge. There’s a lot that goes into it and having a competent and trustworthy partner is a way to ensure you don’t make mistakes that could cost you. You worked hard for it and want to keep and grow it yet you don’t want to manage everything or do all the ground work. This is where we come in and our financial goals are aligned because our business models are aligned, if you’re successful, we’re successful. After placing your capital with us, you’ll see just how easy it is to have someone working with you one-on-one to achieve your goals in the most consistent growth market in history.

You will have direct access to a principal managing investor who will respect you with timely and appropriate communication so you’ll never have to wonder what is going on.

The nature of our business is to invest in properties for our capital investors and provide value-added services inline with our investors goals. You can start by contacting us with your questions and opening a dialogue where conversation is free and we can begin solving your problems or helping you take your property or business to the next level.