Our Services

We are a Private Equities company specializing in managed investments for Capital Investors. This means that you have money that you need to invest safely and securely and want to do so in real estate because of the stable returns it provides. Likewise, you don’t want to be a landlord and you recognize that traditional property management isn’t the answer or everything it’s expected to be. Often it’s just another expense and your time is too valuable. We are the people you want to talk to.

Perhaps you’re an investor whose career is in its latter days and want to build a small portfolio to carry you through retirement. Maybe you’re young and have lots of cash from that bitcoin you sold and need some tax relief or a way to put your digital money into tangible assets. We are the people you want to talk to.

Our capital investment programs are available to help you reach your wealth investment goals with as much or as little involvement as you want. We offer a number of wholistic services in support of real property transactions, some via managed third-party, that satisfies a full spectrum of Real Estate related needs to include:

  • Real Estate Investment for Equity Trades (1031), Quick Cash, Buy & Hold and Retail Sales
  • Specialized Property Inspections for Residential & Commercial
  • Portfolio Sales & Rentals
  • Buyer Programs
  • Outsource Management
  • New Investor Training & Consulting (REI Partners)
  • Home Improvement Consultation
  • Commercial Solutions
  • Technology Services e.g. Smart Home Solutions
  • Showcasing

If you are looking for some competent conversation, please complete our Client Contact form and we can begin the discussion around how best to achieve your goals.

Our real estate investment services are direct purchases of quality properties. For residential we never over-pay, regardless of market expectations, and we don’t purchase money-pits. For commercial properties, we have recommendations depending on the market of what we would consider to be good vs bad investments.

Our specialized property inspections are in conformance to InterNACHI standards and are available for any buyer, seller or investor for which we are doing business. We perform most property inspections in-house so that we may provide an even higher standard for our customers.

We have a number of properties for sale or lease . All of our rental properties are located in preferred areas of various counties in which we serve. Solidly built, middle-class, commutable properties with good schools and public services, city or suburban. For specific property inquiries whether we hold it or not, please call.

Our general contracting partners are the best in the business and we hand-pick each of them based upon direct work that we’ve experienced on some of our investments. These contractors have been shown to meet or exceed our expectations in terms of professionalism and quality of work. Though they operate as independent entities, if work is contracted through us, we manage the entire process from beginning to end and can include an inspection with the client to ensure satisfaction.

Outsource management is for investors or property owners that have a project that requires multiple resources to be coordinated for completion. We act as your project management agent to ensure your vision is brought to reality and within budget. This service is primarily for large projects such as whole house renovations or commercial property construction.

Investor consulting is about education or having another pair of eyes to look over the investments you’re considering. It’s about protecting you, the investor, from making critical mistakes on a proposed property purchase or sale. If you’re new to investing in real estate and want to get expert advice, check out REI Partners where we provide learning opportunities to get you up to speed on the nature of the business.

REI Partners

Prior to each property purchase we provide Fully Qualified Investor Property Proposals and Reports that give you, the capital investor, a deep insight into a property and consult with you on the best strategy and ideas to maximize your profit potential. You’re involved as much or as little as you want to be. We also connect you with our resources of hard money and institutional lenders if necessary to establish relationships for future investments when you want to conserve your cash.